Adopted Issues

In addition to the policies of the National Green Party, the Green Party of Whatcom County has adopted the following positions:

Local (Whatcom and nearby)

  • Opposition to the proposed Cherry Point Coal Terminal
  • Opposition to toxic emissions into our air, by a proposed huge domestic garbage incinerator near Vancouver, BC.

Regional Issues: (Washington and National)

  • Opposition to the Keystone Pipeline
  • Opposition to citizenship for corporate entities
  • Support of the Occupy Wall Street movement
  • Support the transfer of federal subsidies away from petroleum companies and to support of sustainable energy programs
  • Recognition that there is sufficient scientific evidence that human activities are causing climate change and that mitigation should be a priority
  • Opposition to foreign, unconstitutional warfare

Live Issues

Recent Whatcom meeting agendas included
* How can we work together to overcome AFFLUENZA in our community and regain our creativity, control, and time?

* Presentation on “WAmend” – Constitutional Amendment.
* Presentation on “Trans-Physics in the Art of Nonviolent Direct Action.” (Ellen Murphy) Non-violence is one of the Green Party’s key values.
* Presentations on Drones
* Resolution regarding Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Coal Shipping Terminal

Concerns about the environmental and health harm of the proposed Gateway Pacific coal export terminal, were submitted by members.
You may still review the submitted comments and the FAQ: