GPOWC Coordinating Committee

Scott Thompson

Scott is a retired Control Systems Engineer, who became politically active following structural analysis of the WTC tower collapses.  A grandfather of three, Scott sees through the imperialistic deceptions of the corporate media and wants our resources devoted to a peaceful and sustainable earth, not warfare profits funneled to the 1%.


Doug Gustafson

Doug is the owner of an IT Consulting and App Development firm providing technical services for the Whatcom County area.

Doug also works with and maintains the group known as Separation of Corporation and State . Doug is an advocate for removing conflicts of interest between corporations government such that corporations and wealthy elites wont be able to dictate policies that aren’t helpful to the general public.


Stoney Bird

After serving in the Peace Corps in Libya and Tunisia, Stoney worked for many years as an international corporate business lawyer. By the late 80s, he was based in England and doing corporate deals for a major electronics firm. He moved to the Skagit Valley in 1990, turned away from corporate legal work, and got involved in local environmental, peace, and community organizing efforts.

He moved to Bellingham in 2011 to be part of the initiative campaign for a Community Bill of Rights. In 2014 and 2015 he wrote a series of 18 articles for Whatcom Watch on the theme of impediments to democracy and well-being in the United States. Since 2001, he has been car-free. With his partner Lyn he performs at folk music festivals in British Columbia each summer, singing songs about overcoming national and class violence.

Dana Carr

Dana works in event-planning at Western Washington University. She also teaches a joyful movement practice called Nia. She is married with a young daughter and they have a sweet little dog who walks them every day.

Some life experiences that have led Dana to politically express herself as a Green today are:

  • Low-wage working with no health insurance (retail, food service, office temp work)
  • Studying Liberal Studies and Journalism (WWU Alum ‘04)
  • Serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer (Azerbaijan ‘06 – ‘08)
  • Public school teaching (4th grade in Gallup, NM)
  • Working with immigrant and American-born English language learners (Whatcom Literacy Council)
    Matching and supporting at-risk youth with mentors in a public school setting (Big Brothers Big Sisters)

Lizzy Anthony

In the last year, Lizzy Anthony has focused on researching and raising awareness of the U.S. government’s strong involvement in foreign wars and world events.

Knowing the importance of working on local issues as well, Lizzy joined the Green Party to work alongside like-minded people who also want to try hard to solve our local problems like homelessness and keeping our environment clean.

Her goal is to help transform our community into one that sets a good example for other communities to follow nationwide.